by Friends Forever

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released August 27, 2012

Brent + Sam



all rights reserved


Friends Forever Cape May, New Jersey

South Jersey indie.

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Track Name: Running In Circles
Stepped out into the night
Wandered in my head
Searching for a shred of hope
Found memories of you instead

Tired of sleeping
And running in circles
Tracing footsteps
To get back to where I belong

It's nowhere near
Where here becomes there
Next to you is second to none
But arms fell victim to the air

I stood ready
At attention to embrace
When I caught a glimpse of you
Not the time nor the place

With branches wrapped around you
And mine swaying in the breeze
Well I'm so glad I found you
Echoes in the Hollow trees

So my feet found the door
My hand turned the tides
My arms found a home
Falling to my sides
Track Name: Past Endeavours
Summer paints the sky
Oils dripping wet
Salty skin and wind bitten lips
Yours in my teeth

Hearts sleeves
And every letter in between
In between this rock
And my heart

Yours in my grip
Feeling eyelids slip away
Falling asleep to bright lights
Waking up in different places

This skin’s too hot
And my hands are cold
There's nothing left to hold
Let's get out of here
Track Name: Lost Cause
I keep shading your bottom lip
Hoping your tongue will begin to slip
But every time we speak
My voice enfolds and my stance goes weak

It's getting hard to tell
Day from night
When the glass fogs over
Till I lose my sight
Every lost chance
Begins with might
Every shot taken
Ends with plight

I don't know how many sheep
I have slaughtered in the name of sleep
But these hands won't come clean
Out damn spot tore the stitch from the seam

It's getting hard to tell
Night from day
When my pupils don't change
And the scars all say
Every success is a
Runaway and
Every lost cause is a
Reason to stay
Track Name: Nothing Ventured
Nothing ventured nothing gained
I'm growing tired of all the same
Things we say to keep up
Small talk not to speak up

When I catch your eyes
Do you catch my silence too
Between the white lies
Lies every thought of you

Staying careful not to cross the line
Trade my life just for the time
Mutual two words will not be one
Three syllables will not raise the sun

Adjust ourselves to the shadows
Prepare for cold nights
On these coffee stained lids
Painting pictures of streetlights

To guide our way back
Should we get lost
Plunge into the darkness
Is it really worth the cost

I say yes
I say yes
I say yes
I say yes
But that doesn’t matter
But that doesn't matter
I wonder if I do I wonder if I do

(Just say yes
Just say yes
Just say yes just say yes
Just say yes
I hope that it matters
I hope that it matters
I wonder if I do I wonder if I do
Track Name: Summer Nights
Lying on the floor
Sewing eyes shut
Hoping every gasp is for
Loss of breath but it’s not

While you’re above
I'm down below
Hearing everything
Tongues don’t show

Every whisper
Laced with your names
Taking it in
I'll let myself out

Or just
Bury this cotton
Counting fan blades
Till I’m forgotten

And I caught on
(With your head on his chest)
And you caught on
(With my head between the sheets)
Don't talk at all
(Inhale and count to three)
Just walk it off
(Exhale and clutch your knees)

Under the cover
Of summer nights
Above our covers
On summer nights
We see differently
Our summer nights
I'll make it through
These summer nights